Chosson Ends Up in Hospital After Being Thrown in the Air

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A wedding last week in Bnei Brak turned scary when the chosson, at the height of his joy – no  pun intended – ended up in the hospital.

The chosson became injured upon being hoisted in the air by the celebrants and landing on the floor.

Yehuda Yoskovitz was one of the paramedic volunteers from Ichud Hatzolah who arrived at the wedding on Thursday when the emergency call went out. “When I arrived,” he said, “I found the chosson’s hand broken. He had fallen from quite a height after he was raised on his friends’ shoulders.”

After giving first aid to the chosson, the paramedics took him to Mayanei Hayeshuah Hospital.

In light of a number of such occurrences in recent months, askanim have asked the public to take safety precautions to prevent such incidents that could end disastrously, marring what should be joyous occasions.

David Steger – Israel / Photo is for illustrative purposes only


  1. Why not call us. Leave all the shtick to us while you enjoy the night and get to go home for the night rather then spend the night in the hospital.


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