CHRIS THE KVETCH: Christie Calls Estimates Of Trump Rally Crowd Size ‘Absurd’

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Former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) called estimates of tens of thousands of people attending former President Trump’s campaign rallies “absurd.”

Fox News’s Shannon Bream asked Christie on “Fox News Sunday” to weigh in on local authorities in South Carolina estimating that one of Trump’s recent rallies there had been attended by around 50,000 people, which Christie labeled “absurd.” He said that Trump’s rallies are meant to serve Trump, not the American people.

“50,000 is absurd,” Christie told Bream. “But I am not going to get in an argument about that. Here’s why he doesn’t care about the American people. He droned on for an hour and a half yesterday in Iowa.”

“He lied about the farm deal with the Chinese,” Christie continued. “They haven’t even complied with a quarter of what they agreed to Donald Trump to do in terms of buying soybeans and other things from the farmers in Iowa. And he spent the rest of the time talking about his own indictment. This is not somebody who’s fighting for the American people and their future. This is all about his ego.”

Christie, who is challenging Trump in the 2024 election, has been a sharp critic of the former president despite the fact they used to be allies. Christie has repeatedly said that Republicans will lose the White House if they nominate Trump again in the primary. He said Sunday that Trump’s campaign is for “himself and himself only, and not in it for the American people.”

“What he cares about the most is trying to undo the loss he had to Joe Biden in 2020,” Christie said. “But since he’s a three-time loser, having lost in 2018 the House of Representatives, lost the White House and the Senate in 2020, and in 2022 he winds up losing two more governorships, another seat in the Senate and we barely won the House by five votes.”



  1. As much as I may not like Christie and his motive – he knows he cannot win – everything he said here is correct. Donald the trumper cares about Donald the trumper. He absolutely cannot win in 2024.

    • His points are pathetic.
      Does he really mean to say that 50,000 people enthusiastically showed up and were excited to hear Trump, and yet they all can’t figure out what Mr Successful Christie can?
      Or maybe he’s a pathetic sore loser.

  2. Trump didn’t lose anything. 2020 was a cheat and the House has nothing to do with him. Remember Christie’s speech at GOP convention for Romney, how he talked all about himself only, was mad that he didn’t get VP position then bearhugged Obama. He’s a street thug and fading fast.

  3. Chris Christie is a piece of garbage. He’s missing his donut. That’s part of his problem. He’s a grouch because he lost a little bit of weight. He should go back to the beach and sit down like that beached whale he looked like after he hugged and kissed Obummer only days before the 2012 election.

    Poor guy can’t handle effect that people hate him, even Republicans who love RINOs.

  4. And the whale is still bitter that he didn’t get a position in the trump administration!

    For good reason btw, because he targeted the presidents mechutan Mr Kuschner


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