Churva Shul Hosts First Wedding Since 1948


churvah-shulThe Churva Shul in Yerushalayim, which was officially rededicated a year ago, celebrated a milestone on Tuesday when for the first time since its destruction by Jordan’s Arab Legion on May 27, 1948, the shul in the Old City’s Jewish Quarter hosted a chasunah.

The chosson was Avraham Pashnov and the kallah was Rachel-Orli Journo. The chupah was held in the shul‘s courtyard.

The next wedding is scheduled for this Sunday.

The Churvah Shul was originally built in 1701 by Rav Yehudah Hachossid’s talmidim, but they were unable to repay their creditors, who burned down the shul 20 years later as a result. The Churvah Shul reopened in 1864 after being rebuilt for seven years.

The Churvah Shul was later destroyed by Jordanian soldiers during the War of Independence.

The current rov of the Churvah Shul is Rav Simcha Hakohen Kook, chief rov of Rechovot.

{Yair Israel}


  1. This actually brings tears to my eyes. How beautiful. May this couple build a binyan adei ad, and may many other couples have the zechus of going to their chuppa in a place of such kedusha. What a beginning to married life!

  2. I’m not sure he is called Rav Yehudah Ha’chasid. The rishon that wrote Sefer Chasidim is not thi person. Yehudah Hachasid that brought 1500 people to Yerushalyaim and got the ashkenazi inhabitants in trouble was someone else and of questionable character. He was known as Yehuda Ha’Chasid.


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