CHUTZPAH: Justice Ginsburg Appears to Defy Trump

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Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg appeared to make her disgust with the Trump presidency known Wednesday. She wore her famous “dissent” collar on the bench, an accessory which she previously said she uses to issue dissenting opinions in court.

No opinions were read in court Wednesday, leaving many to conclude the collar was a veiled dig at Donald Trump, who shocked the world with his presidential victory the night before.

Ginsburg has made it clear that she doesn’t have much confidence in Trump as a leader, having said over the summer that she “can’t imagine what the country would be — with Donald Trump as our president.” Read more at THE HILL.



  1. It’s time she retire so she could drink as much wine as she wants and take longer naps. I’m very disappointed in her immaturity. She has no class and is a shanda to our people.

  2. I have a grandchild who engages in such behavior as wearing ‘dissenting ‘ clothes and thinking someone cares. On a grandchild it’s cute. On a Supreme Court Justice it demeans her office. She thinks more of herself than she has a right to.

  3. America will be much better off without Obama at the helm and maybe a big change in supreme court justices.

    if you don’t like your new boss you should resign

  4. Hey Ruth you can’t imagine what the country will be like with president trump? Ill tell you but please this is just between you and me. OK??
    The country will look great!!! And YOU will br out numbered on the bench. Let me put it in a polite way. YOUR OPINION. AND PLACE ON THE COURT WILL BE USELESS!!!!

  5. This is a show. The sadness is that in America, we do have a way to discredit the very bad that can happen in our community. A word can be spoken, a prayer can be offered and a soul can help his own faith by Hashem and in Jewish sanity, by Torah.

    The difference is that Ruth Bader Ginzberg is not an orthodox Torah observant jew and defies the rights of human existence by her polite political heresy motives.

    She is in fact useful to a liberal opinion, but her conversation about liberty is weak hate. This is not the professional, but in a world by which the ingrate soul wants to shout at Hashem, this is an obvious choice.

    I myself am a democrat. I had a thought of the idea that our flags would be turned upside down by such a magnanimous victory of perceived hate in the USA. I have had time to think about the affairs and I am not planning any such action. I have now the idea that a woman can not and will not likely win a presidency in America and that is not a bad thing. If they want to ever do it again, it would have to be a republican to run one. A democrat would be insane to run a woman for president ever again until one is elected.

    Flags upright today. We can hope that Mr. Trump will be a rightful man in some of her very bad temperament and will have some compassion and hope that he can lead. If there is action by legal authorities against his term or he resigns, that is not a comment one might concern for any lost value in the marketplace.

    We can like another person noted on Matzav the other day give him our best hope that he will be a good president and we will daven and pray to Hashem we can have a faith that will work with a very difficult mind in office that is scary among many for human liberties, civil rights and human concerns of ethnocentric and ethnovaried hope.

    Still, this is America. We have a constitution. If Mr. Trump does not avoid the rights of man, he can hold his term.

    We await on the world that Hashem rules from his Kingdom and Hope.

    G-d bless America.

  6. Hey, isn’t it the law of the land that was upheld by the election process??
    If you can act in this way how can we be certain that when on the bench you will uphold the law! It’s not about opinions – it’s about the law! You, like me, had one vote on Election Day! You had your chance to cast it as did I and all Americans. Now accept the law as stated in the Constitution which YOU swore to uphold!

  7. She never learns, does she?

    -She blasted Trump previously, then apologized.
    -She criticized quarterback Colin Kaepernick previously, then apologized.

    While she (and any Supreme Court justice) has every right to their opinion, you’d think sh’d have the common sense to learn from her previous misstep regarding publicizing it.

  8. This is blatantly unprofessional behavior by a paid public servant. There are multiple federal regulations for most federal employees that they can’t bring their political views especially during an election ,publicly into their place of work,I.e. wearing campaign buttons , or using their position to air their political views.Can a Supreme Court justice be impeached?


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