City Of Yerushalayim Refuses To Renew Permit For Reform Kosel Plaza


A new document issued by Deputy Yerushalayim Municipality Attorney Ze’ev Gabai at the District Planning and Building Committee states that the building project in the southern square of the Kosel cannot be approved and that the request should be rejected.

This document means that from a legal point of view it is impossible to continue advancing the plan to expand the egalitarian prayer section at the Kosel in the District Committee, and a new planning process should be initiated and a new request must be made.

The document states that the Yerushalayim Municipality and the local licensing authority believe that it is impossible to renew the permit for expansion because it has already expired and no work has begun on the ground.

Read more at Arutz Sheva.



  1. I was in Israel for 12 days earlier this month and went to the kotel four times. Each time the kotel plaza had a lot of people on both the men’s side and the women’s side of the mechitzah (which is not as foreboding as it was the last time I was there 15 years ago). At none of those times were there any people at the “egalitarian” platform to the south of the regular kotel plaza. Also, there is now a real ezrat nashim overlooking one of the underground shuls just to the north of the men’s section of the kotel plaza. I am not sure why there has been no coverage of either the more conventional mechitzah or the new ezrat nashim.

    • As a frequent visitor to the Kotel I can advise, that if anyone needs some privacy by the Kotel, they can use that section on the right side of the Women’s section – it’s “always” empty…

      I would support a very democratic dividing of the Kotel; the Reform Movement should receive a part of the Kotel equal to the percentage of Reform visitors. It would be around 2cm…


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