Civil Burial In Israel


The Hiddush organization for freedom of religion and equality headed by Reform Rabbi Uri Regev railed against the alleged failure of the Ministry of Religious Services to provide an option for alternative civil burial.

A secular Jew from Tel Aviv recently passed away and when his family sought to arrange a civil burial for him in accordance with Israel’s 1996 Alternative Civil Burial Law, they were informed that residents of Tel Aviv and its environs were not allowed to have civil burial ceremonies, as the civil cemetery of nearby Kibbutz Brenner was full, leaving as the only alternative a civil cemetery in Be’er Sheva, far away in the south.

In reaction to the incident, Hiddush sent a letter to Religious Affairs Minister David Azoulay of Shas demanding that he instruct officials to provide an immediate solution as required by law.

According to Haaretz, the Religious Services Ministry rejected the complaint, stating that in recent years, twenty-five percent of the funding approved for burial went toward civil burial even though the civil option comprises only four percent of all burials.

“Over the past ten years, a more than four hundred percent increase was recorded in the number of civil burial sites,” the ministry maintained. “The ministry is working by every means to ensure that there is no one who is not buried in accordance with his desires. We are pleased that we are indeed meeting this goal.”

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. This article doesn’t make any sense. Can you please explain in layman’s terms what the problem is exactly?

  2. Seems to me that the problem is that this poor soul wanted to be buried like a goy,but the State,although allowing and even promoting the living like a goy phenomenon,under no circumtances will allow a citizen to die like a goy and thats what is upsetting his family.Seems that the state of Israel is intent on sending “their finished products” back to heaven in “kosher packaging” to prove up there what a jewish medinah they are !

  3. The Hiddush organization consists of apikorsim, shkutzim, menivilim, and pruste goyim. They do not represent anything Jewish. They’re reform which is a cult-like-religion that thinks it’s an ofshoot of Judaism but it’s not. Reform is not Judaism nor are they in any way related to Judaism.


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