Clinton: Russian Intel Hacked the DNC

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During her first televised interview since the Democratic National Convention, a video of which was posted here on Matzav earlier today, Hillary Clinton said that Russian intelligence services were responsible for the hacking of DNC emails.

“We know that Russian intelligence services hacked into the DNC and we know that they arranged for a lot of those emails to be released and we know that Donald Trump has shown a very troubling willingness to back up Putin, to support Putin,” Clinton said on “Fox News Sunday.” Read moreĀ atĀ REUTERS.



  1. Woe. Do she admits to the emails. Who cares who exposed them. We need to vote Trump for so many good reasons. First Hillary will not allow any construction in West Bank. So many israeli Jews are living in crowded situations. families are living in former Garabage storage areas with no windows and some are living in sukkas for now as its dry season. Why because Obama puts on pressure not to build. The big building going on in cities is for tourist investors. Israeli Jews can’t afford it. There is so much vacant land in israel and yet it stays empty. Trump said build build the West Bank. He removed the two state solution from his convention. Any Jew who does not vote Trump is hurting poor large frum families in eretz Yisroel. Hillary will put dangerous atheistic judges in the Supreme Court. Yeshivas will be forced to teach evolution and same gender ideas like in the public schools. We don’t even realize what’s facing the frum community.


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