CNN: DOJ Preparing To Announce End Of Mueller Probe As Soon As Next Week

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Newly confirmed Attorney General William Barr could reportedly announce as soon as next week that special counsel Robert Mueller has finished his investigation into potential collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign during the 2016 election.

CNN reported Wednesday that Barr is planning to submit a summary to Congress of Mueller’s final and confidential report shortly after he announces the conclusion of the probe.

The network reported that Barr could receive the report from Mueller by as soon as next week. It said the exact timing of Barr’s announcement could change, as the Justice Department is cautious of not interfering with President Trump’s upcoming summit with North Korea.

Read more at The Hill.



  1. How would CNN know that? I thought Muellers team is tight lipped and never leaks any information? Just like when Mueller’s team sent in more swat team members armed to the teeth to arrest Roger Stone, than the amount that raided Osama Bin Ladens compound in Pakistan. How did CNN know that Team Mueller was about to bust into Stone’s private home?

  2. Mueller already declared that there was no Russian collusion with Trump. Will Barr announce that the collusion was with Hillary and Obama?

  3. All that money and time to get those vicious criminals Cohen, Manafor, and Flynn. What is poor Mueller to do when he will be out of a job, but I think with all those millions he made in salary I don’t think any one should cry for this man. I wonder with all that information about him if he is even employable anymore, I would never think of it, for who ever employs him will have some one looking behind his back, seeing what damage he could do.


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