CNN Forced to Correct Report From ‘Anonymous Sources’ After Comey Proves It Wrong


It’s already clear the mainstream media was one of Thursday’s biggest losers. Former FBI director James Comey ripped the New York Times and other news outlets for using anonymous sources and classified material they didn’t understand to report on Trump’s ties to Russian officials.

But in the wake of Comey’s testimony, CNN added to its own embarrassment. Thursday night, the network was forced to issue a correction after it reported—for two days straight—that once under oath, Comey would dispute the President’s claims that Comey had assured him he was not under FBI investigation.

The story, titled “Comey Expected to Refute Trump,” was (of course) based on the word of “several anonymous sources.” Four reporters—Gloria Borger, Eric Lichtblau, Jake Tapper and Brian Rokus—were listed on the byline.

All evening Tuesday and all day Wednesday, CNN ran with the story, blaring its Comey prediction boldly on their on-screen banners. Several CNN panels discussed the story.

That story turned out to be very wrong.

Comey’s opening statement, released Wednesday, supported the President’s claim that Comey had told him repeatedly that he was not under investigation. On Thursday, Comey testified that not only did he reassure Trump on several occasions, but that he, Comey, saw absolutely nothing wrong in his actions. Read more at HEATSTREET.



  1. CNN and NY Times have once again demonstrated to the world that Trump was right that they’re fake news. No wonder their ratings are dropping by the day. They’ll soon need to close shop for good because even liberals (who are not the norm and whom it takes longer to grasp) the only ones still listening or reading their news will wake up and realize the drivel they’re reporting.


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