Coca-Cola Produces 3M Tons of Plastic Packaging a Year

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Coca-Cola has admitted that it produces a mind-boggling 3 million metric tons (3.3 million tons) of plastic packaging a year—the equivalent to 200,000 bottles every minute.

The beverage company has previously refused to disclose the information, but has now provided the data to activist Ellen MacArthur, who is urging companies and governments to do more to prevent plastic pollution. The figures didn’t break down exactly how the plastic was used, but The Guardian reports the volume translates to 108 billion 500ml PET plastic bottles bottles a year, more than one-fifth of the entire world’s PET bottle output, which is roughly 500 billion a year.

In its reports published Thursday, the Ellen MacArthur Foundation said: “The decision by more than 30 companies to publicly disclose their annual plastic packaging volumes in the report is an important step toward greater transparency.” Read more at The Guardian.



  1. I knew it all along. Of course Coke is doing untold damage to the ozone layer and is a major violater of climate change, but that never stopped the sanctimonious phonys from investing in Coke. Warren Buffett has Coke AS HIS 3RD LARGEST HOLDING but yet you don’t hear a peep out of Al Gore, Mike Bl$$mberg, or Howard Schultz. All these elitists who preach about climate change, are the ones most invested in these big evil companies.

  2. Well, what do want Coke to do? Go back to glass? Paper cartons? They are not violating anything. The consumer who willingly purchases these packaged products, and doesn’t recycle the plastic is the to blame.

  3. It is not Coke’s fault. It is the consumers fault. If they care about garbage so much, they shouldn’t buy coke.
    When consumers buy less, production will go down and trash will go down.

  4. I quit soft drinks. Tea is better all day decaf or even caffeine. The jury is determined. Save your teeth, determine better physical health and save the oceans.

    If Israel avoids unnecessary and ever harmful industry links, we survive safer and Hashem gives us higher place by Torah. It is lawful and promotes longevity.

    Rabbonim should encourage tea over soda and even so decaf. Our future is more crucial than a bubbly mess.


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