Coca Cola To Begin Selling Its First Alcoholic Beverages

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The Coca-Cola Company will be expanding its brand portfolio to include a hard seltzer beverage later this year, a spokesperson at the company has confirmed for FOX Business.

The new drink’s name is Topo Chico Hard Seltzer and it will be made from Topo Chico Mineral Water – a sparkling water company that has sourced and bottled water in Monterrey, Mexico since 1895 and was bought by Coca-Cola in 2017 for $220 million.

Topo Chico has reportedly “been popular with many mixologists,” according to a press release issued by Coca-Cola on Thursday.

Moreover, Coca-Cola’s boozy beverage will be offered in select Latin American cities at some point in 2020. An exact date has not been specified. Though, the U.S. is scheduled to distribute Topo Chico Hard Seltzer in 2021, a Coca-Cola spokesperson told FOX Business.

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  1. Coca Cola is a dry product code. Every abominable way groups it a toeivah.

    Health is diminished. The nefesh is refreshed. I have enamel I will never get back on my teeth. So do you.

    They should go bankrupt and the world is worse. Psychiatric milk. Just the toy of bad men.

      • He’s simply saying that Coca Cola is the best toilet cleaner. Use leftover Coca Cola that went flat to dissolve toilet rings.

    • I somewhat agree with you. Yes, we know that soda is poison for the body. The sugar lever is terribly dangerous. I haven’t had a drink of soda in many years. My stomach can’t handle it anymore. I don’t even have a desire for a drink of soda anymore. Interesting. This a lesson for many other taava’s, so to speak. A physical taava can be overcome. It’s mostly mental. My kids still drink that stuff but nu nu, you’ve got to pick your battles. When they get older and more educated, they’ll come to realize how garbage these soft drinks are. As far as seltzer is concerned, yes, it can damage the enamel on ones teeth. I’ve read about that. What about sparkling spring water? Is that okay?

      • You are right. What are we? We are jews. We have one obligation to honor the grave. Ours is important. The more disgust and non-natural products you eat the smaller the humor that your kedusha be contained in the best body. We never in my family touch things like cola, potato chips or any junk now. Its just too good to hope Hashem will like us for our eating alone.


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