Colin Powell Endorses Obama for Second Term


powellFormer U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell this morning endorsed Barack Obama in his bid for re-election, citing the Democratic president’s efforts to wind down the war in Afghanistan and tackling terrorism.

“And so I think we ought to keep on the track that we are on,” the Republican, who also backed Obama in 2008, told “CBS This Morning.”

The move comes just days after Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney clashed over foreign policy in the third and last presidential debate ahead of the November 6 election.

Polls show a tight race between Obama and Romney. A Reuters/Ipsos online tracking poll gave Romney a 1-point edge on Wednesday, 47 percent to Obama’s 46 percent.

Powell criticized Romney’s foreign policy as inconsistent and questioned the former Massachusetts governor’s ability to tackle the deficit and looming defense cuts.

“I’m not quite sure which Governor Romney we’d be getting with respect to foreign policy,” Powell said, calling Romney’s foreign policy “a moving target.”

As for the U.S. budget, he added: “It’s essentially let’s cut taxes and compensate for that with other things, but that compensation does not cover all the cuts intended or the expenses associated with defense.”

Source: NBC NEWS

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  1. This is one stupid bigotted man. I am sure he will want to run for president one day. Just remember this day. It’s all about color. As Powell would like to say “don’t confuse me with the facts he’s black and that’s all that counts”. He’s gonna vote for a man who brought the word “race relations” back into the lexicon. Something that was long forgotten (proven by the mere fact that he won a big majority of Americans who are NOT black). I will from now on refer to Obama as Dinkens II.

  2. Powell has been a phonie ever since he left Bush 1. He always very Liberal in his views. Why even consider him a Republican? He’s not.

  3. He is a traitor to his own party. He has no credibility to endorse anyone. Specially that it is so obvious that he is endorsing for racial motivations.


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