Complaint Filed Against Radio Host for Calling Chareidim “Parasites”, “Leeches” and “Worms”


gabi-gazitRepresentatives of the “Yerushalayim association for equality,” a charedi public group fighting against religious discrimination, on Thursday filed a complaint with the police against radio talk-show host GabGazit, the radio station management and the Second Authority for Television and Radio, in which they claimed Gazit’s remarks about charedim being “parasites”, “leeches” and “worms” that must be sent out of the country were calls of incitement. (See‘s original report here.)

In the complaint, Gazit is blamed for comitting four offences: revolt, incitement to revolt through publications, hurting religious feelings and racist sedition. Plaintiff Moshe Sorek said that the interrogators took the complaint seriously and told him that Gazit, who is currently out of the country, will be summoned for questioning upon his return next week.

Last week, Gazit slammed charedim during his “Non-Stop Radio” talk-show and said, “Stop sweeping their streets, cut off their electricity and water, let’s give up on their taxes (which they usually don’t pay). They are useless; they don’t produce anything, don’t contribute anything, they don’t plant a tree or a tomato, don’t manufacture high-tech.

 “They are parasites of the worse kind, and as far as I am concerned – if it was realistic – I would pack them up in one package and send them to their primitive brothers in the dark courtyards of Brooklyn, Queens and all the other places they should live in; let Americans handle them.”

Gazit continued his harsh criticism and said, “They should live there, in their medieval darkness, or here, surrounded by walls and isolated from the State of Israel. They can burn flags as they wish, disgrace IDF soldiers as they wish, and finally leave us alone. Let us run a modern, moral country without their distorted lifestyles. We have one country and in this country only people who love it should live. We have no country for them.”

{Ynet/Yair Israel}


  1. its very sad but a lot of what he is saying is true we need to set an example of what a Jew should be not take everything but give nothing back but trouble

  2. #1 That is for sure. Derech erets Kodmeh L’torah, Thats why the mitsvos mainly start in Shemos. Bc we first are supposed to learn Derech Eretz from the Avos, and then when we have that pat down we can learn and practice the mitsvos from Hashem.
    Though there is a special place in gehennom for people like him.

  3. He is just being machmir. He read the daas torah that says salmon is infested with parasites, leeches and worms – so he put out a warning.

  4. #’s 1 & 2, why are you adding to Gazit’s lashon hara on an entire holy tzibbur in klal Yisrael, EVEN if it were true, which it is not? Is THAT your definition of derech eretz?! How many chareidim burn flags? A handful? And for that you are willing to besmirch some 1/4 of a million chareidim le’dvar Hashem? Do you feel that bnei Torah to NOT contribute to the security of Israel? If you do, why are you on Go to Haaretz where you will feel more comfortable when it comes to viewing this issue. This is aside from the fact that many chareidi businessmen do serve in the army and with their hefty taxes support state and municipal services, secular education, art, theater, sports, etc. Additionaly, chessed organizations with chareidi administrations serve the entire population in Israel, and should Gazit need their services, they would not refuse him. We are in the days of sefiras haomer. It would behoove you to think, behave, talk and write accordingly.

  5. Worms, parasites, leeches…Al eileh ani bochia;
    without those learning, that are moser nefesh for torah, there would not be Eretz Yisrael as we know it…the Chareidim are upholding the country. How dare he speak about a fellow jew in this manner. He’s a gehenom monster….

  6. He just doesn’t get it. There was aJewish people before the State of Israel who came to this Land to settle it.
    Thy came to live the life of Jews. These People come ahead after and claim and Force that they are in charge and not
    Only that they start to force them to do what they want which against the peoples interest. They just don’t get it
    If you don’t like the way the way the people who were here first are acting GO somewhere else.

  7. Are you people insane! Do any of you live here? These racist remarks and sinas chinam are part of a smear campaign to discredit Judaism. There is a fear that the country is getting too religious. How can anyone suggest that maybe they are right?! Do you have any idea how much chesed, Torah, Midos Tovos, Mesiras Nefesh, Hatzalah etc. the Chareidim provide? The country couldn’t operate without chareidim. This is unforgivable Sinas Chinum.


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