Compromise Leads to New Non-Frum “Prayer Section” at the Kosel, Gafni Calls Reform Jews “Clowns”

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The churban wrought by the so-called “Women of the Wall” is now at its next step, with the Israeli government having approved a compromise to expand the non-Orthodox section of the Kosel, putting to rest the decades-long fight instigated by the Women of the Wall.

Today’s deal will ensure that the non-Orthodox prayer section at the wall will become much larger and more accessible.

The Conservative and Reform movements are declaring victory.

The size of the non-Orthodox section of the Kosel will double to nearly 10,000 square feet.

In response to the decision regarding the Kosel, the head of the Knesset Finance Committee called Reform Jews “clowns.”

“The Reform are a group of clowns stabbing the holy Torah,” Moshe Gafni of Degel Hatorah. “We will never ever recognize this group of clowns, not at the Kosel, nor anywhere else.”

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. Sick…I guess we won the war…got the kosel back only to have a group of kofrim occupy the place.
    Zionists: youve done real well for yourself, havent you now…real well.

  2. Where is this section anyway???? The whole area before the entrance to the men and womens side that was always a place of gathering for men and women together??? What’s the difference, that they will be able to “pray” there??? Or pray there safely with tallis and tefillin? Sifrei Torah? I don’t get what was accomplished here? What stops a woman from doing that now?

  3. Clowns of negativity they are.

    Stabbing Torah is a bit too far. They are really slobbering all over the pages of Moses looking for an easy way to make the Torah their voice of anti-semitism.

    It wont work, but they will be the worse for even thinking that Torah does not apply.

    This is a terror heresy and any child who grows up in reform that becomes a ba’al teshuvah will in his years know exactly how evil reform is by his own list of negligence that was added in years of no fear of G-d from Torah hatred and negativity.

    This is bad.

    The wall should only be in the hands of the orthodox.

    Reform should respect G-d.

    Tax the Reform for even entering the wall’s premises. They are terrorizing Israel.

    Never Again.

  4. Why waste more government money to expand a section that isn’t hardly ever used. as it is???We go to the kotel a lot and I’ve yet to see anyone in that section! The few WOW radicals can more than easily fit into the present “azrat Israel”


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