Con Ed Forced To Cut Power To Brooklyn Again


con-ed2Con Edison says it has once again lowered voltage in parts of Brooklyn, NY, due to power problems. Power is high in demand, but the voltage is lower after Con Ed reduced it by five percent in Coney Island and three other Brooklyn neighborhoods.

Con Ed customers in Coney Island, Manhattan Beach, Seagate and Gravesend are all plugged in, but not with their usual full power. Some 27,000 customers are all being urged to conserve power.

“We’ll do customer appeals and ask them to reduce as much as possible – anything that they don’t absolutely need,” Con Edison’s Mike Clendenin said.

Con Ed says that is the key, as voltage is dialed down to keep pressure off the grid while workers make emergency repairs.

Many customers are being careful with their energy use for a variety of reasons.

“Reduction means good for me, for you, and everyone in the neighborhood – keeps the power on,” Coney Island resident Yuryi Bugayev said.

While the request to conserve energy is urgent for Brooklyn during this particular repair process, Con Edison wants to remind customers that it’s a good idea for everyone to try to save electricity.

Con Ed expects to have the voltage back to full strength by this morning.

{WCBS-TV/Noam Newscenter}


  1. Any other industry that would run short of its commodity during the period of its greatest need would be labelled negligent. The lack of any energy policy for as long as we can remember contributes greatly to this mess. Solutions:
    1)Let’s build another nuclear plant or two. Our demand rises daily throughout the country, and think of the construction jobs created.
    2) Have the Federal Government pay for solar panels for every roof on the U.S. that would benefit from solar power. This would create jobs (novel idea, no?) in the manufacture and installation of said panels.

  2. how about the people that run their air conditioning when they arent home? the people that work in con edison, should call people to see if their home or not…we have some neighbors that are away but they still run their air conditioners, and i guarantee that nobody is in there…it is mamish not fair


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