Condoleeza Rice Jabs Liberals For Assuming How Black People Should Think

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Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said Tuesday the “problem with the left” is liberals assume how Black people should think.

The prominent African American Republican told the Aspen Security Forum that she doesn’t think the United States will ever be a truly colorblind society, but she hopes that one day people will stop making assumptions based on race.

“I don’t really care if we’re colorblind, but I would like to get to the place that when you see somebody who is Black, you don’t have preconceived notions of what they’re capable of, who they are — by the way, what they think, which is I think a problem of the left,” Rice said in a video interview with The New York Times’ Peter Baker at the forum. “You look at somebody who’s Black and you think you know what they think, or you at least think you know what they ought to think.”

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  1. Excuse me. This is NOT Condoleeza Rice! Fake News was hoping people will forget what she looked like so they kept her out the media for a while but as they need to keep her name alive they concoct some article about her. But this is definitely not her. Clones and doubles roaming around vastly.

    MORE PROOF THAT THE SWAMP IS BORUCH HASHEM BEING DRAINED. Thank you President Trump. May Hashem continue His benevolence towards you and continue giving you lots of siyatta Dishmaya and help you eradicate the rest of the elite corona criminals from the word.


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