Confused: Campaigning In Ohio, VP Biden Mentions Ads Being Run “Here In Iowa”


joe-biden[Video below.] Vice President Joe Biden concluded his third consecutive day of campaigning in Ohio Wednesday with an afternoon speech at Marion Harding High School.

Biden focused largely on economic policies – suggesting Republicans Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan’s plans will favor the wealthy at the expense of the middle class. He criticized Ryan for failing to offer specifics on how he’d pay for $5 trillion in tax cuts.

Biden drew his largest applause when he said he and President Barack Obama are committed to equal opportunities for women.

For Julia Burns, a student at Marion Technical College, it was the vice president’s mention of expanding Pell Grant opportunities for college students that made a connection.

“I couldn’t make it without Pell grants,” Burns said. “You know I wouldn’t be in school to be a nurse without it and that really hits home.”

Marion Harding High School senior Zion Adissem will be voting for the first time on November 6. The newly registered 18-year-old said it was a thrill to see the vice president in person.

“It’s a pretty big moment for me,” Adissem said. “It will be like a highlight in my high school career.”

Teacher Emily Partyka said, politics aside, she wanted her students to just soak up the experience.

“I mean when are they ever going to be in the same room with the Vice President of the United States again,” Partyka said.

At one point Biden confused Ohio for Iowa in a reference to the Romney campaign “running all the ads here in Iowa.” He recovered later saying, “We need you Ohio. Together we can win Ohio and if we win Ohio we will win the presidency.”

Click below for the video:

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