Cong. Michele Bachmann Explains Reality

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bachmann[Video below.] Congresswoman Michele Bachmann gets it.

Watch her speech below given before the Family Research Council’s Values Voters Summit. As long as the US has leaders like Bachmann, one can continue to have faith that America’s best years are still ahead of it.

She does America proud.

Bachmann begins at minute 2:30.

Click below:

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  1. Worth mentioning is that Bachmann praised Thomas Jefferson for attacking the Barbary states; she fails to mention that the two people who negotiated the “extortion bribes” with them were — John Adams and Thomas Jefferson! She also fails to mention that Jefferson’s military action did not end the piracy.

  2. “Why isn’t she running for president? I’d vote for her in a heartbeat!”

    She did run, and her campaign was a disaster. Republican voters realized she was a loon and voted accordingly.


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