Construction Begins For Egalitarian Prayer Site At The Kosel

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Construction began to start building the long-contested permanent pluralistic prayer pavilion at the Kosel following the freezing of a more comprehensive plan in 2016, the Times of Israel reported.

The physical upgrades, carried out by the Israel Antiquities Authority, will see an egalitarian prayer space built south of the current Plaza and will include a larger prayer as well as a broader staircase leading to area.

The changes, commanded at the behest of Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, are interpreted as a way of appeasing the liberal and conservative Jewish movements after the initial 2016 compromise was frozen on June 25 2017.

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  1. Why on earth waste more money when they don’t use what they have ?Put the money into yeshivot, not more frivolous waste for just 100 meshuganim!

    • According to the Zionists, it’s the yeshivot who are the meshugaim whom the Zionists are trying the best to put an end to forcing them to join the army or at worst, integrate them into the workforce.

  2. Native experience. They want so badly to be in “control” of their yiddishkeit. There is no higher thought for Hashem at all and they all wage that G-d is not even worth the daily mention by Torah or even a frequent bracha.

    Use willing thought. The unorthodox would rip your hard day away just to assume he does not have to abide by Jewish law.

    So we have egalitarian in this age. Will it change. Wonder page by page of the bible or every reading of Torah. They are not listening.

  3. It’s amazing how a few dozen middle aged yentas have a control over the big shot Israelis and their secular government. If the Israelis would not give them police protection they would never show up to the Kossel to make trouble. They would be chicken feathers had they shown up alone. They ban all kinds of groups from doing protests but yet they fear these shrieking yentas. Amazing.

  4. These loud ugly women practice Reform. Reform is a made up G-dless religion that has nothing whatsoever to do with Judaism. Let these ugly shrieking hags go elsewhere to cause their trouble.


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