‘Copycat’ Attack Thwarted At Fla. Walmart, Suspect ‘Intrigued’ By Mass Shootings

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A Florida man was arrested Sunday for threatening to “shoot up” his local Walmart — later telling cops he was “intrigued” by the El Paso and Dayton massacres.

Wayne Lee Padgett, 31, is accused of targeting a Walmart in Gibsonton, just 10 miles south Tampa.

He allegedly called the store and told an employee he was on his way — and armed.

Chronister said cops acted quickly to the “active shooter” threat and were able to bust Padgett, who lived near the Walmart — where his mom was employed. It’s unclear if he was actually carrying a weapon.

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    • Don’t be so naive. Read the news and you’ll see for yourself. This is not a joke. Beware! The Democrats are panicking and have a line-up of false flags to distract from what’s actually coming. They are desperate and dangerous now that President Trump is ready to declassify devastating documents about them.


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