Coroner Found ‘Fatal Levels’ of Fentanyl in George Floyd

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New court documents filed in the case of four former Minneapolis police officers being prosecuted for the death of George Floyd while in custody indicated the coroner found “no physical evidence . . . of asphyxiation” and a “fatal level” of the synthetic opioid fentanyl in the dead man’s system.

The revelations were in memos dated May 26 and June 1 – one day and a week after Floyd died – by the Hennepin County Attorney’s Office. They were submitted to the court Tuesday, a day after one of the officers, Tou Thao, requested the release of the full autopsy report, Fox’s Minneapolis network affiliate KMSP reported.

“The autopsy revealed no physical evidence suggesting that Mr. Floyd died of asphyxiation,” Hennepin County Medical Examiner Dr. Andrew Baker told the prosecutor’s office, according to the May 26 memo. The autopsy was incomplete, it said, pending a toxicology report.

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  1. You cant stop someones breathing by placing a knee on the back of the neck.
    Windpipe is in the front.
    Just to make sure, I actually got on the ground and had a friend put pressure with his knee on my neck.
    Pain? yup. Breathing issues? nope.

  2. Given this information, as bad as that cop was that pinned down Floyd by his neck, you can’t charge and convict him of murder. If they do that, it’s just to make an example out of him and there’s no true justice. I think we all know how this is going to go sown.

    • Yes, but if it’s an Obama appointed judge on his case, it won’t matter unfortunately. We are allowing the media to beat us down and be convinced that whatever mob rules. The white male is the new enemy.


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