Free Simcha Hall Opened by Vizhnitz in Bnei Brak


vizhnitz-simcha-hall-rav-yisroel-hager[Photos below.] The idea was initiated last year when Rav Yisroel Hager, son of the Vizhnitzer Rebbe of Bnei Brak, formed a vaad called “Menucha Vesimcha” to address the exorbitant costs of making simchos.

As part from the arrangements, Rav Hager asked the askanim to arrange for the construction of a banquet hall to be set up for those who have agreed to follow the simcha regulations put in place.

Under the arrangements, baalei simcha can use the hall for free and will have to pay just the minimum expenses of food and cleanup, without being forced to pay for the hall rental and various others expenses.

On Tuesday, the hall, “Heichal Hatishim,” was inaugurated. The hall is located next to the main Vizhnitzer Bais Medrash in Bnei Brak. Rav Hager affixed mezuzos to the new hall and discussed the importance of ensuring that mechutanim can celebrate their simchos without overwhelming pressure and debt.

The hall that just opened is designed for bar mitzvahs, sheva brachos, brisos and the like. Rav Hager announced that a larger huge banquet hall for weddings is next on the agenda for the Vizhnitzer askanim.

Kol hakavod.

See below for photos:

{Yair Israel}



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