Coulter Slams Trump: We Thought We Were Getting A Negotiator


Conservative commentator Ann Coulter on Saturday criticized President Trump’s negotiation skills after he signed the $1.3 trillion spending bill.

“We thought that perhaps he was not the world’s greatest negotiator but a negotiator and we got nothing,” Coulter told Fox News’s Jeanine Pirro, who defended Trump.

Coulter said the president is betraying the promise he made during his presidential campaign to build a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border.

The omnibus spending bill that was recent passed by Congress and signed into law by Trump contained just $1.6 billion in funding for Trump’s wall, dedicated to shoring up current fencing. Trump had asked for $25 billion over 10 years to fund the wall.

“There was only one guy who said at every speech, at every rally, for two years that he would build the wall,” Coulter said. “He has now signed a bill to prohibit building the wall.”

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  1. It seems like Ann Coulter is missing one of the fundemental laws of negioating, which is to have a solid team backing you up. Mr Trump does not have that from the Republicans. Thats why we need to elect allies to not only negotiate but also to win.

  2. There are no parties in congress any more, for the only party congress has is called the me, me, me, I, I, I, party and what can I get party. So people keep on voting for the same people and surprise you will get the same old, same old. Vote not the party but who is good for the country.


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