Couple Who Rejected Modern Medicine In Favor Of Prayer Pleads Guilty In Death Of Sick Daughter

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An Oregon couple pleaded guilty Monday to negligent homicide in the case of their infant daughter, for whom they skipped medical treatment in favor of prayer.

Travis Lee Mitchell and Sarah Mitchell failed to seek medical treatment for their premature, infant daughter Ginnifer in 2017 who struggled to breathe for hours after being birthed at home and subsequently died, due to their church’s belief in relying solely on faith healing without modern medicine.

The court sentenced the Mitchells to nearly seven years in prison, with credit for the 13 months they have spent in custody thus far, and three years of post prison supervision.

While the couple was familiar with a similar case of child death in their church and did not seek medical attention for their twin infant daughters, they did seek medications, vaccinations, and wellness checks for their dog and cat, according to prosecutors. Read more at The Daily Caller.



  1. For a stupid animal like a cat & dog they do seek medical help with doctors & all but when it came 2 human beings prayer is enough ? hello, even the Torah says 2 save a life do the natural things that are needed 2 be done in addition to prayer its not a contradiction, the Torah says clearly, in addition 2 that Learning & praying will help as well, but it’s so ironic how for a stupid animal they will do the necessary things but 4 their own human baby they won’t, very very very sad,

    • In the perspective of Torah Jews, for whom the human life has infinite sanctity and we are beheld to do everything to preserve it, the behavior of these parents certainly is perverted. However, this is t h e i r belief system, so while I don’t justify it of course, it makes sense to them. Nuts to everyone else. Go after the idiots who invented their religion and their equally idiotic followers.


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