Court Rejects, Makes Fun of ‘Mehadrin’ Buses: What is This, Chanukah?


mehadrin-busA panel of judges of the Israeli Supreme Court yesterday issued a restraining order against adding more Mehadrin bus lines. The judges also poked some fun at the term “mehadrin,” which is used to describe the bus lines that have separate seating for men and women. A number of such lines run in Yerushalayim.

Mehadrin might apply to neiros Chanukah, kashrus or an esrog,” said the judges, “but that does not necessarily mean that whoever is mehader in the laws of tznius and separation of genders is also mehader in the halachos of showing respect to other people.”

Elyakim Rubenstein, Salim Jubran and Yoram Danziger, the three judges, added that it must be made certain that the current Mehadrin lines do not enforce the separation of genders, ruling that this would be against Israeli law, but they said that men and women can be told to dismount a bus via different doors.

{Yair Israel}


  1. These chiloni zionistas dont even know what Channukah is, so no wonder they ridicule mehadrin buses. The Maccabeans would be going to war with the Charedi against these zionists.

  2. The judges are 100% right. Gut gezogt!

    And fyi to comment #1 – Israel is a DEMOCRACY governed by the rule of law.-and in that democracy judges get appointed. Your hateful comment shows just how little you know.

    Israel is thankfully not governed by kannoim! (Yet)

  3. Its chumris that are causing chilonim to hate frum people more and more and mean why should a chumra which is not enforced in chutz laaretz so important to fight over in eretz yisroel I mean I know eretz yisroel is different then chul but isnt it chumris that we tell a spouse to ignore in order for shuloim bayis to work so why is this different why make chilul hashem over chumris and which rabunim support this

  4. well what else do you expect from these kofrim?

    and “torahis1” Israel is a DEMOCRACY governed by the rule of law – what a joke! maybe governed by the rule of the jungle……

  5. Boruch Hashem he has given us the Chilonim as gifts to balance out the meshugoyim. The last time we had a “state’ was at the end of Bayis Sheini and look what the mishugoyim did then.

  6. When the authors of messages #1, #2 and #5 come to live, pay taxes, do military service and vote in EY they can comment all they like on Israeli national institutions.

    Until that time they would be wise to keep their own counsel.

  7. To those who contend that judges in Israel are appointed democratically I have a news flash for you – they’re not. They are exclusively appointed by other judges with no input whatsoever from any other branch of government, not to mention the people of Israel, whose demographics are not even remotely represented on the Supreme Court.

  8. #8 I have checked through ALL your comments over the last month and I could not find a single positive comment on any subject.

    You do love the sound of your own voice, don’t you Rebbe?

  9. A democratic government does not throw out Jews from their own homes.
    Ironically the anti-tzionists, as much as they shout against tzionism (and I dont wonder why) do not throw out their brothers from their homes

  10. #10 — Funny, I was going to say that to you on many occasions where you’ve spewed silliness around these boards, but felt bad for your poor family.


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