cRc Kosher 5776 Pesach Top Ten Questions


Q: I have heard reports about Extra Virgin Olive Oil being adulterated.  Does Extra Virgin Olive Oil need Passover certification?
A: 100% pure extra virgin olive oil does not need Passover certification.  The AKO Ingredient Committee has looked into the claims and have found them to be exaggerated.  The one exception is Palermo Brand Extra Virgin Olive Oil which is not acceptable for Pesach use.

Q: Can I buy fresh salmon fillets at Costco (or a similar store) without Passover certification?
A: One may purchase fresh salmon at Costco (or a similar store), however the salmon must be rinsed before use.

Q: Does avocado oil require Passover certification?
A: Yes, avocado oil requires Passover certification.

Q: Your guide says that frozen vegetables require Passover certification, yet frozen fruit with no sensitive additives does not. Pardon the pun, but MahNishtana? What is the difference between fruits and vegetables?
A: Before vegetables are frozen they are briefly blanched.  There is a concern that the equipment used to blanch vegetable could have been used to blanch pasta.  Fruit is frozen as is, without any blanching.

Q: I am lactose intolerant. What are my options for Passover this year?
A: Lactaid non-chewable pills are acceptable for Passover.  Lactaid milk is also acceptable but must be purchased before the holiday.

Q: Can one kasher a metal hot plate for Passover?
A: Yes, one can kasher a hot plate. To kasher, clean the hot plate and do not use for 24 hours. Then, leave it on the highest setting for half an hour.  It then must be covered with foil before use. Glass and ceramic hot plates cannot be kashered.

Q: Do sugar cubes need Passover certification?
A: No, sugar cubes do not need Passover certification.

Q: I use an inhaler. Do I need to be concerned about using the inhaler on Passover?
A: All inhalers are acceptable for use on Passover.

Q: Does cheesecloth require Passover certification?
A: Unused cheesecloth does not need Passover certification. Used cheesecloth must be kashered by washing it with the hot cycle of a washing machine.

Q: Does orange juice need Passover certification?
A: Bottled orange juice requires Passover certification. Pure frozen orange juice concentrate can be used without Passover certification.



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