Crisis! Thousands need Tomchei Shabbos for Shavuos



Baruch Hashem, the hospitalizations and deaths R”l in our kehillah have been on a downward trend for weeks, but the Coronavirus crisis’ effects are felt stronger than ever by so many families. 

All too many of our friends and neighbors in the greater Lakewood area have not had a proper income – or, even worse, incurred steep losses – for some two months now. Two very expensive months. The debts are mounting. The tension is palpable. 

Now, another Yom Tov is coming along and they cannot afford food. Period. What will they serve their children? TO HELP CLICK HERE 

Thankfully, Tomchei Shabbos of Lakewood is here, just as they’ve been here consistently for over three decades. Just a few weeks ago, Tomchei Shabbos delivered more Pesach food packages than ever to families in our community. They are now working around the clock to deliver food to over 1,000 families for Shavuos, once again more than any previous Shavuos in its history. By far 

The Tomchei Shabbos Shavuos list includes families throughout Lakewood, Jackson and Toms River. In every neighborhood. In every kehillah. Including many that were considered “comfortable” just a few weeks ago… 

As we prepare to celebrate Kabbalas HaTorah, the time we became One Nation k’ish echad b’lev echad, please keep your neighbor in mind. Make sure that both parents and children have what to eat on Yom Tov and experience a sense of simcha and yishuv hadaas starting today! 

Times are tough and Tomchei Shabbos needs everyone’s help to meet its ballooning Yom Tov budget. Please help Tomchei Shabbos deliver food to all of your neighbors in need. In this zechus, may Hashem bentch you with abundant parnassah and a beautiful uplifting Tom Tov! 

Please CLICK HERE or call 732-276-9142 now to donate. Tizku L’mitzvos!  


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