Crowds Gather Around Midtown Ice Menorah

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ice-menorahNew York, NY – It may not last for eight days in this balmy weather, but a giant ice menorah in Midtown is helping people celebrate Chanukah.

Carvers used chainsaws and other tools to turn giant blocks of ice into a ten-foot tall menorah Thursday.

The menorah sits in front of Chabad Lubavitch of Midtown’s shul and community center on Fifth Avenue.

After the menorah was finished, those gathered sang and lit lanterns to represent candles on the Yom Tov’s third night.

{Noam Newscenter with NY1}


  1. Yup! The Misyavnim won! Sorry Chashminoyim! This year you’re going to lose! The “dumming” down of Chanukah has reached epic paportions! From these silly concerts with Yiddisha kinder prancing around in front of crowds looking like —– to ice menorahs, Chanukah has become a mockery! All this – trying to be like the Goyim – is causing HKB”H heartburn! If we really care for Kvod Shomayim, we’ve got to stop this nonsense!

  2. #2Rabbosai- Do you use computers (like the goyim) for Torah? oyy!!! maybe the idea is to melt the ice “mibachutz”with the flame of Chanukah/Chashmonayim.Check your Eyes/(heart) you may be using misyavnim glasses.


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