Cruz Wins Idaho Primary

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Sen. Ted Cruz has been projected to win the Republican presidential primary in Idaho, according to exit polls and early returns, a key victory for Cruz, after billionaire front-runner Donald Trump won the night’s first two GOP contests.

The Associated Press projected Cruz as the winner at 12:14 a.m., when Cruz was leading Trump by 15 points with 49 percent of precincts reporting.

This is the seventh state Cruz has won.

Trump has now won 14, including Michigan and Mississippi earlier on Tuesday evening.

There is still one state up for grabs in the Tuesday primaries, Hawaii, where returns from the GOP caucuses are not expected until early morning, Eastern time.

(C) The Washington Post



  1. Is the situation in the US so dire, that the frontrunner for the Republicans is a brash, unhinged egomaniac, who doesn’t as much as know the real issues, let alone have some sort of strategy to deal with the issues, and the frontrunner for the Dems is a carpetbagger, who’s a compulsive liar and cheat, with no record of ANY success whatsoever in her years as a third rate politician who ran on her husband’s coattails (except for her incessant pandering to the far far left, out of opportunistic motives exclusively). Her greatest success to date is her being able to avoid prosecution.
    How can people entertain the thought of having a commander in chief who couldn’t do so much as instruct security forces to protect the people who she clearly said she was responsible for in Benghazi? They were slaughtered because of her incompetence! This e-mail scandal is just another example of how her incompetence compromised US security! And she should be the one to be responsible for the country’s security?! It’s as if the collective maturity and IQ of the US electorate is that of a intellectually challenged child! And Sanders is stam a starry eyed communist who simply wants to destroy the entire free market economy. He must like what he sees in Greece!
    By process of elimination the only two candidates left that are somewhat presidential by any stretch of the imagination is Cruz (a brilliant conservative idealist running as an outsider) or Rubio (who is more establishment, right center, whose youthful look and demeanor may be appealing to some).
    It’s a good thing the RBS”O runs the world and He knows what He’s doing, because otherwise it would seem as if the world has gone crazier than anyone could’ve ever dreamed. “Ain lanu al mi l’hishaen ella al Avinu Shebashamayim”


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