CUFI Action Alert On Netanyahu Speech Surpasses 10,000 Responses In 5 Hours


netanyahu3Christians United for Israel (CUFI), America’s largest pro-Israel organization, received more than 10,000 responses within five hours for an action alert that asked CUFI members to email their elected representatives about attending Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu’s upcoming speech to Congress.

“I can think of no issue more important for America, Israel, and the West than our response to Iran’s nuclear efforts. And I can think of no voice on this issue more important than the prime minister of our front-line ally, Israel,” stated the action alert, which was sent to CUFI’s base of more than 2 million members in order for them to convey the message to their House and Senate representatives.

The White House has opposed Netanyahu’s March 3 speech because it contends that House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) did not consult with Obama before inviting Netanyahu. Netanyahu, however, has said he needs to give the speech because a bad nuclear deal reached by Iran and the P5+1 powers (a group that includes the U.S.) will threaten Israel’s survival.

Vice President Joe Biden and some Congressional Democrats are skipping Netanyahu’s speech.

“I never make up my mind on an important issue without first listening to a variety of views,” said Pastor John Hagee, CUFI’s founder and national chairman. “I expect the same from my elected officials. Prime Minister Netanyahu is a very important voice on the issue of Iran. Attending his speech is not a partisan statement. It’s a basic requirement of their job.”


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  1. Obama is the best president for Israel. Who cares that he purposely and viciously stopped several of Israel’s plans to halt Iran. Who cares that he supported the Muslim Brotherhood and opposed Mubarak and El Sisi.
    Who cares that he supports Hamas, yet opposes Netanyahu? He is for sure the friendliest president.


  2. Two million members, 10 thousand responses… that’s one half of one percent… and how many of them will follow through? Oh yes, Xtians just love us soooo much.

  3. More than 2 weeks ago; I -emailed the PM to encourage him including a suggestion that he seek guidance from gadolim. But kavanah, not numbers, is the essence.

  4. The more pressure from the Obamahaters the more disastrous this speech will be. It already scuttled a vote on more Iran sanctions. Netanyahu has been manipulated by John Boehner — Boehner admitted that this morning — something Obama never managed to do.


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