CULT CRAZINESS: Lev Tahor Kidnaps Boy and Girl in Car – On Shabbos

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The cruel Lev Tahor cult continues to produce shocking headlines.

On Friday night, members of the Lev Tahor sect kidnapped two children, a boy and a girl, who had fled the cult and settled with their families in the Catskills. Desecrating Shabbos, the kidnappers took the children away in a vehicle.

New York State authorities are investigating the kidnapping of the 14-year-old and 12-year-old children.

The two were seen being taken into a vehicle at 3:30 a.m. Friday night/Shabbos morning.

The children’s families were in the Catskills with a number of other people who had fled from the Lev Tahor cult.

A few weeks ago, a girl who managed to leave the cult was kidnapped in New York but returned to her mother a few days later.

The members of the cult now appear to have repeated the pattern of kidnapping, but this time going so far as the be mechallel Shabbos to do so.

Before and after the death of Lev Tahor founder Shlomo Halbrans, has documented the horrific testimonies and hair-raising descriptions of women, boys and girls being subjected to abuse and torture by the Lev Tahor crazies.

A couple of months ago, a campaign was undertaken to extricate six children of the Teller family from the extreme cult. Those children were transported to the United States by their mother, Sara Faiga Teller, who is a sister of the new Lev Tahor leader, Nachman Helbrans.

First founded by Shlomo Helbrans (Erez Shlomo Elbarnes) in the 1980s in Yerushalayim, the cult, which fled Child Protection Services in Sainte Agathe, Quebec, and Chatam, Ontario, to Guatemala, has continually abused and tortured its members under the guise of Yiddishkeit. The senior Helbrans died in drowning incident in Mexico during the summer of 2017, supposedly while be toivel in a river.

The cult has been accused of kidnapping, having connections to anti-Zionist Islamic groups, torturing children, and enacting “takanos” that severely restrict the lives and wellbeing of its adherents.

Mrs. Teller’s 13-year-old daughter was forcibly married to a 17-year-old son of the radical Mayer Rosner, a leader of the cult who continues to abuse the children of the community with the help of his cronies, including Yankel Nochum Weingarten and Yoel Weingarten.



  1. Something is not adding up. How did the kidnappers know exactly where the children were? They just recently arrived. It was kept secret. Who did the kidnapping? Someone flew all the way in from Guatemala?
    Can someone please expose and PUBLICIZE who is financially supporting this sick group?

    • I can answer, based on all information I have. My relative kept one of the Teller girls – the 12 year old for one night. The police needed a temporary home for her and being that he is a well known askan, they contacted him. He had to stay up with her all night and physically restrain her from running off. She had a phone and kept on talking in hushed tones to the leaders of Lev Tahor. These children are far from stupid – and cell phones are used by Lev Tahor. No money involved here.

  2. don’t understand – in this day and age with LAW & ORDER – why are they allowed to continue with their cruelty towards children, women & men?

    they should all be LOCKED UP

  3. For concerned
    Guess what they actually are quite a bit self supporting, as in every cult is normally made up of bright individuals

  4. For concerned
    Guess what they actually are quite a bit self supporting, as in every cult is normally made up of bright individuals


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