Cuomo, de Blasio Hit A Brick Wall With Orthodox Jews

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New York State Gov. Andrew Cuomo and New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio may not get along, but they have one thing in common: an insatiable appetite for power.

Both love it when they can control people. But they’ve hit a brick wall with Orthodox Jews.

The Catholic League understands the need for reasonable protocols to combat COVID-19, but we object to directives that are discriminatory in application, and this is especially true when religious institutions are subjected to a more burdensome standard than non-religious ones.

This is why we support the objections raised by the Orthodox Jewish community in the New York City area. We only wish Catholics would be as aggressive in pushing back against edicts that are patently unjust.

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  1. I think its very simple. In March and April and even into May the orthodox jewish centers in New York State closed up like everyone else. Schools, synagogues, and businesses all closed There were a few exceptions but they were few and far between. After Passover until May the rumbling began. It’s not unusual for a family in the orthodox community to have 5 -10 children. These children eventually couldn’t be locked up in the small apartments of Boro Park, Williamsburg Flatbush, and Crown hights and other neighborhoods. Therefore many questioned the logic of closing schools when children were playing with their friends the whole day anyways. Technology also became an issue as many schools only allowed phone conferences. Teachers and parents felt the children weren’t gaining from this system. Many teens who usually go to Israel to learn were stuck at home with no structure. The Jewish community felt the government didn’t understand our needs and were doing a one size fits all.. Then came April 29 In the morning there was fly over with no social distancing. That night there was a large Hasidic funeral in Williamsburg and mayor Deblasio uttered the infamous words ” I say to the jewish community.” Many took it very personal especially when the required permits and permission were granted by the police. The George Floyd protests was the final straw. Everyone saw the hypocrisy. Protests were allowed. Looting and mayhem were allowed, but no school, no business. The summer was another debacle. Summer sleep away camps were not allowed to open so many were forced to rent out camps in neighboring states. Once again the Jewish community felt that Coumo didn’t understand our needs and wasn’t interested in finding or listening to our leaders solution. Then there were in town day camps which were really no different then school. They were allowed to open because they weren’t called school or yeshiva. Instead they were called child care. so with this technicality the entire reason for closing schools became a joke. Things were starting to look good until a few weeks ago when there was an uptick in cases. Yes, there were specific zip codes but most people feel the numbers the mayor picked pick 1% or 3% are arbitrary. People also read newspapers we can see there are other zip codes where the numbers are up but they weren’t singled out. Many feel yes, people are getting sick but the hospitalizations and deaths are no comparison to April and that’s what you should look at. Not only how many are sick. Closing the synagogues in the middle of major holiday is just a low blow. Coumo and Deblasio have lost any respect they once had in our community. As I write this I heard how at least 5 different city agencies are giving out tickets in Boro Park today. Is this normal? Where are our politicians now.

  2. I recall a story told of the Rambam (other versions involving other gedolim) who was challenging a galach who claimed he could train a house cat to serve him like a waiter. At the demonstration of his powers, the cat entered the room walking on two feet carrying a tray with foods. Proud of his skills, the galach asked, “Now do you believe me? I can make an animal into a human.” The gadol took out a small box, opened it, and released a mouse. The cat suddenly dropped everything, and began chasing the mouse.

    The story here is that these two wicked reshoim have shown their true colours. Our askanim have misled us when they kiss up to them, believing they will befriend them and gain favor for our community. No. These evil anti-Semites will have their chance, and will exhibit their true evil passions.

    Our hishtadlus is at the ballot box. Vote out all these liberal Dems. Daven daily for their mapoloh.

  3. “Brick wall with Orthodox Jews”?! Seriously?!! Our contemporary community has not an ounce of back bone, and folded like a cheap umbrella to some chicken-littles screaming “the sky is falling” and some illegal gubmit “orders”; with the exception of some chasidishe groups, whom I came to respect more than my own community in the time of this scamdemic. Did people pass away from corona?-obviosly, but the infection fatality rate is lower than that of the flu for most segments of the population – not a mageifa by any sane definition. By the way, 50-60% of covid19 fatalities in NY and NJ came from the fascist-socialist governors deliberately infecting the most vulnerable population in the nursing homes, another 20-30% died from nurses neglect while their friends and relatives were verboten to visit hospitals and advocate for the patient. Basically, the real fatality rate from covid should have been way below annual flu season, and nobody thusfar has claimed that annual flu is a mageifa. If anyone was serious about saving lives, they should have isolated and provided all kinds of services and supplies to those with certain heath conditions and those above 70, while leaving the rest of society function as before. Shutting down shuls and yeshivos does not save a single life. All these fascist lockdown orders are completely illegal. Do become a brick wall; stop being an obedient dumb munchkin.

  4. It is sad that the Catholic League is more sympathetic and understanding of the frum point of view in the affected areas than many ostensibly frum social media posters


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