Danon To Security Council: Condemn Barkan Attack


Israeli Ambassador to the United Nations Danny Danon, on Sunday night called on the UN Security Council to condemn the terrorist attack in the Barkan Industrial Zone and the wave of terror coming from the Palestinian Authority (PA).

“Instead of preaching to Israel and stopping proposals for calming the region,  Mahmoud Abbas must sound a clear and firm voice against the instigators and terrorists coming out of the Palestinian Authority,” Danon wrote.

“Financing terrorists is fuel for terrorist attacks like the one that took place in Barkan, and only stopping it will help terror.

“The members of the Security Council must come out with a clear condemnation of the murderous attack. It is your responsibility and your commitment to the Middle East and the world, and more importantly, for the children of Kim and Ziv who have remained orphans,” he concluded.

Read more at Arutz Sheva.



  1. OK they’ll condemn and now what? The United Nothings will just continue supporting their terrorists and financing them.

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