David Greenfield Meets with Yerushalayim Deputy Mayor to Discuss Strategies for Combating Poverty


New York City Councilman David Greenfield met with Yerushalayim Deputy Mayor Yitzchok Pindrus this week to discuss strategies for combating poverty, including workforce training and affordable housing.

Greenfield, who is the chair of the City Council’s influential Land Use Committee, has met with a series of high-level Israeli officials, including Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon and Consul General of New York Dani Dayan. In 2016, he was awarded the Leadership Award from the Israeli Building Center for promoting economic development between Israel and the United States.


Greenfield, who represents more Orthodox Jews than any other local elected official in the world, said “Israel has served as our Jewish homeland for thousands of years. Many of my constituents, including myself, have family and friends who live there. Bringing my expertise to help Israeli citizens  is one of the proudest things I can do as a Jewish elected official.”


Greenfield is a passionate advocate for affordable housing and has worked tirelessly to ensure a myriad of new projects in New York City. He presented a number of his ideas to Pindrus during the meeting and shared many thoughts on Jerusalem’s effort to build affordable housing.


“There’s an affordable housing crisis in Jerusalem, just like there is in New York City,” Greenfield said. “We have many of the same constituencies even though they are living half-way across the world. I was thrilled to hear what my counterparts in Jerusalem are doing and share with them some of our innovative efforts.”


Deputy Mayor Pindrus, a senior member of the United Torah Judaism party, shared some of his ideas for improving living standards among the Charedi communities in New York and Yerushalayim.



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