De Blasio Is Off in Iowa. Who Is In Charge of New York City?

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Hours after opening his official campaign for president, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio set off on a trip to two early primary states, and more barnstorming is expected in the coming weeks.
While he is gone, First Deputy Mayor Dean Fuleihan, a former state-budget official who joined the de Blasio administration in 2014, will serve as acting mayor, said City Hall spokeswoman Freddi Goldstein. The city charter gives the mayor the ability to cede control to a deputy mayor when he leaves town.
The law also says that if the mayor is out of the city for more than nine days, the public advocate assumes the mayor’s responsibilities until he or she returns. Public Advocate Jumaane Williams said Thursday that he didn’t think that would happen during Mr. de Blasio’s presidential campaign. “I ran to be public advocate,” said Mr. Williams who, like the mayor, is a Democrat. “I’m not running to be mayor.”
“I’ve traveled before and been on the phone here to make sure everything’s moving properly and I’ll continue to do that,” Mr. de Blasio said at a press conference Thursday in Lower Manhattan.


  1. Can you imagine having a job and just leaving for weeks on end to do stuff not related to your job, in the normal world you’ll be fired.

  2. Ha. Jumaane is right.
    If the Mayor is out of town campaigning, does his salary decrease for the days he missed work as Mayor? What is the law? If I miss work because I’m seeking another job, I don’t get paid. Of course every City employee gets paid days off, but why should we pay for this endless Presidential campaign? There is a limit. If Scott Stringer wasn’t so corrupt, maybe just maybe we would have some responsibility in our local City government.

  3. Your headline reads: “De Blasio Is Off in Iowa. Who Is In Charge of New York City?”
    It should read: De Blasio Is Off his rocker. There Is no one In Charge of New York City.

  4. Amazing, when I see a picture of him I am reminded of the chazal “chochmas Odom tair ponov” and so is true “Li’hepech”. Thanks for sharing the picture!

  5. We should’ve pushed harder for Eric Ulrich for Public Advocate. He’s a Republican. Would’ve gotten a couple of months to start undoing all the damage deblasio has wreaked on this city.

    People don’t think for the long-term. During the Public Advocate race, many didn’t go out to vote. Understandable, mainly because the Public Advocate role is kind of murky and unclear.

    But look around today, we missed an opportunity to place someone with his head screwed on right in the mayor’s office, even if it would be just for a few months. A temporary reprieve from this madness would do us all good.

    Rabbosai, lesson of the story is, make sure to go out there and vote!!


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