De Blasio Will Force Kids To Wear Masks In Schools Despite CDC Guidance

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All New York City public school students must continue to wear masks in the classroom, Mayor Bill de Blasio said Monday — despite the CDC’s latest guidance that vaccinated kids and teachers can go mask-free.

“For now we’re sticking with the idea that wearing the masks is a smart thing to do in schools,” de Blasio said during his morning press briefing. “We’ll keep assessing as we go along, but for now it still makes sense.”

“We’ve been constantly working with the CDC but we also in this case have been very careful given everything the city’s been through,” the mayor added.

CDC officials on Friday called on school districts to set policies that enable “full reopening” of in-person facilities this fall.

The new guidance advises schools to implement “layers of protection” — such as testing and contact tracing — in lieu of masks or three feet of distance between students, who can get vaccinated starting at age 12.

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  1. The Mayor is correct. Anyone that doesn’t wear a mask is mamesh a rodef and a rotziach. If you see someone without a mask, you are michuyav to be maaser on him to the authorities. This is mamesh dinei nifashos. This is not a laughing matter. When will you avaryon’s learn your lesson and stop causing aiva?!

    • So why not during cold and flu season? Colds turn into bronchitis which could become pneumonia, pneumonia kills people. In NY, the pneumonia death rate was 16.5 per thousand as per the CDC tables in 2019. Care to extrapolate. The elderly die from pneumonia at a greater rate, care to compare Mario? Of course if you take the pneumococcal vaccine, your chances of dying lessen greatly, care to comment anti-vaxxers? And lets not forget the greatest viral threat known to civilized man since Neanderthals crawled out of caves and into the jungles – STUPIDITY!

  2. Wow! Charlie Hall you must be a Liberal. Masks aren’t even mandatory in NY anymore. And if YOU are so scared, get vaccinated, and if you are vaccinated and still scared then stay home. Also why would you be scared if you got the vaccine? The mayor is a piece of garbage.

  3. Actually, it makes sense when you think about it. If most New Yorkers are ungrateful to him, openly saying they disapprove of him, why shouldn’t he punish them while he still can.


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