Dead People Caught Voting In NYC, Elections Records Show

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Ballots have been mailed in to the New York City Board of Elections in the name of dead voters, The Post has learned.

Records show that the elections board received an absentee ballot from a Frances Reckhow of Staten Island, a registered Democrat.

But there’s a problem: Frances Reckhow, who was born on July 6, 1915 and would be 105 today, died in 2012, according to an obituary filed with The Staten Advance.

Read more at NY Post.



  1. I thought the Post is a “news”paper. This is not news at all. It happened in 2016, and was predicted to happen this year. All this is news is that there are Dems whose dishonesty is so flagrant that they will block any effort to disqualify these votes.

    • Dear 8:34 Voice of Treason, how do you know the cheating mentioned in the article happened in 2016?! The New York Post article definitely doesn’t state that. Do you claim to have first hand knowledge since you were involved in 2016 cheating, or something? You dumborat liar.

  2. The elected representatives who currently hold office were mailed absentee ballots. Now if that’s not prescient regarding this article.


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