Deadline Tomorrow! Enter to win $180,000 or a house in Tiberias!

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Bayit Cham’s name represents its essence: It is a warm home with an open door. The organization’s goal is to help people who struggle with a variety of emotional health challenges. This special home is like a balm to so many lost souls who need an attentive ear and a loving and supportive shoulder to lean on.

Our Duplex Raffle is an opportunity for you to win double.

A chance to win a luxurious, two floor duplex home near the Kinneret. The duplex is 2800 sqft, has a large deck with a view of the Kinneret, and includes all of the home’s furniture and amenities.

You can choose either the duplex or its cash value: $180,000!

By partaking in this raffle you become an active partner in Bayit Cham’s chessed.
And you also win an opportunity to fulfill the dream of a lifetime: Win: A luxurious duplex or $180,000 cash.

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