Democrat Candidate Marianne Williamson Floats Department of Peace

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New Age guru Marianne Williamson on Monday announced that as president she would create a Department of Peace.

Williamson, whose offbeat campaign has grabbed voters’ attention if not high poll numbers, said a Cabinet-level peace secretary would help end the scourge of violence in the U.S. & across the globe.

The secretary of peace would serve on the National Security Council & coordinate the peace effort with all of the other Cabinet agencies, including the departments of Agriculture, Defense, Education, Justice, & State, & the new Department of Children & Youth, according to the campaign.

Earlier, Ms. Williamson floated plans for a new Department of Children & Youth that would focus on protecting and uplifting the country’s children.

Read more at US TODAY.



  1. If Ms. Williamson promises to abolish the NSA, I will definitely vote for her. The stench of corruption that emanates from the NSA is unbearable! All you stupid idiots arguing over vaccinations have fallen for the trap of distraction by your government. You no longer have any freedoms or privacy. Keep arguing over stupidity. You have no clue of what your government has done to you and your family. Blind batted ignoramuses.


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