Democrats Call Biden A ‘Disaster Waiting To Happen’


Twenty-two of Joe Biden’s rivals on Saturday tried to make the case that he’s not the best choice for 2020, mostly without mentioning his name.

Former Alaska Sen. Mike Gravel, one of just two Democratic candidates who skipped the South Carolina Democratic convention, lambasted Biden as “unchanging, unapologetic, unaware” for Biden’s recent comments praising his own work with segregationist Senate Democrats in the 1970s.

Gravel tweeted that the former vice president “is a disaster waiting to happen. If you are serious about beating Trump, you need to be serious about beating Joe and giving us a serious progressive for the White House.”

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  1. Biden is a racist because he won’t allow an African-American female, Kamala Harris, to become President. I thought we defeated racism in this Country. Mr. Biden never gave a single penny towards reparations for black folks.


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