Democrats Reportedly Plan Total War on Trump

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Senior Democratic officials reportedly say that they will adhere to the call from their liberal base and take an all-out-war stance against President Trump, Fox News reports.

The New York Times reported Thursday that there was a time when Democrats were divided on their Trump approach. Trump did win former blue states in his November victory and Democrats in those states witnessed a new vulnerability.

The report, however, said that protests and angry emails have prompted Democrats to “cast aside any notion of conciliation with the White House.”

“My belief is, we have to resist every way and everywhere, every time we can,” Gov. Jay Inslee of Washington told the paper. Inslee said there was a “tornado of support” for a wall-to-wall resistance.




  1. Imagine you hate your opponent so much you rather bring down the country then see your opponent have any chance at all of helping. You are so angry at the people who voted for them, the citizens of the country you want so much to run, you rather see everyone fail and you succeed in your hate, so you can say I told you so. He doesn’t realize the country he is trying to bring down is the country he and his fellows live in also, so they rather win, even destroy everything they hold dear. We call them truly losers.

  2. look what you idiots are doing to america. all out war on our duly elected President?? can’t get over the fact that you lost an election? you know where you find that kind of behavior? only in third world countries! shame on you for embarrasing america like that. unlike what you’re always saying, Trump is not embarrasing america….you are!


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