Dems Get Votes to Kill GOP’s Anti-Iran Deal Bill

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iran talksThree more Democratic senators said Tuesday they will back the Iran deal, giving the president’s party 41 votes to filibuster a Republican bill voicing disapproval of the nuclear agreement.

Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut, Gary Peters of Michigan, and Ron Wyden of Oregon all announced their support after previously criticizing the deal.

“Despite my serious concerns with this agreement, I have unfortunately become convinced that we are faced with no viable alternative,” Peters said.

Their support means President Obama will not even have to veto the GOP measure, which will almost surely die in the Senate. Read more at the Washington Post.

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  1. Sad day in America’s history!
    A president who could care less about anything but “HIS” legacy – lives don’t matter to him, certainly not Jewish ones! I hope history deals him the shmutz he deserves.

  2. only TESHUVA can save us from this terrible future. the choice is in our hands. Hashem is waiting for us. as a seperate note in case you didnt know but Iran is GOG the last to fight klal yisroel before mashiach comes & you can open your eyes and see it getting closer every day.

  3. Two more Jews backing the deal (Blumenthal and Wyden). Bibi and company had better wake up and smell the coffee: Israel has lost the American Jew

  4. Were there any democrats who said that the deal is a good one, ‘cuz it seems like they are all saying that it has flaws but there is no better alternative?

  5. Have they pledged to support a filibuster? Isn’t it possible that Senators who support the President will at least have the decency to let the bill come to vote?

  6. Last week I saw a report that AIPAC sources say that Netanyahu’s speech to Congress made it far harder for them to lobby against the deal by turning it into a partisan Republican issue and causing Democrats to coalesce with Obama. Does anyone have a source for this, I can’t find it any more?


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