Dershowitz: Obama Administration ‘Stupid’ to Charge Snowden with Espionage

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alan-dershowitzHarvard law professor Alan Dershowitz tells Newsmax that the Obama administration was “stupid” to charge NSA leaker Edward Snowden with espionage since that may give Hong Kong officials a legitimate out to refuse extradition.

“Forget about whether it’s warranted or not,” said Dershowitz in an exclusive interview on Saturday. “It’s really dumb to charge him with what might be considered to be a political offense when they’re trying to extradite him.”

In addition to being difficult for prosecutors to prove, the extradition treaty with Hong Kong “explicitly excludes political crimes and this gives them an excuse to say ‘we’re not going to turn him over to you because you’ve indicted him for a political crime,'” according to Dershowitz, who is also a Newsmax contributor.

“If they had just indicted him for theft and conversion of property – an ordinary crime – the chances of getting him extradited would have increased dramatically,” he explained. “But at this point they have really shot themselves in the foot. I don’t know why they did it.”

Read more at NEWSMAX.

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  1. it really disturbs me when a frum publication gives any credence to anything said by
    dershowitz. he is a moomer l’hachis, having grown up in a family steeped in building
    torah in America, and has chosen to dishonor all his family and all of yiddishkeit

  2. To #3: can you provide your contact info so that when we need to know what G-d is thinking we can find out? Did you leave Shul yesterday when we read how Bilam prophesized that G-d forgives Jews even when they have sinned. He alone knows and understands what pushes each individual to act in any way. We should not judge. You should not issue blatant condemnation. Hashem himself has offered leeway, patience and understanding.

  3. And besides Dershowitz is correct, charging Snowden with espionage was sure to facilitate a safe passage to elsewhere. One wonders whether incidents such as Snowden’s “leaks” are not in fact carefully manufactured. Everyone knows that telecommunications have been monitored since the technical capability to do so has been available.


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