Dershowitz: Snowden Defender Greenwald ‘Never Met a Terrorist He Didn’t Like’

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alan-dershowitzHarvard Law School professor Alan Dershowitz on Wednesday slammed both Edward Snowden and Glenn Greenwald, the newspaper columnist who first disclosed the leaks by the former National Security Agency subcontractor on the U.S. government’s vast surveillance programs.

“As far as Greenwald is concerned, he’s an ideologue,” Dershowitz told CNN in an interview. “I don’t think he would have revealed this information if it had been critical of Venezuela or Cuba or the Palestinian Authority.”

The professor was responding to comments by Greenwald on a new video in which Snowden said that government surveillance has destroyed individual privacy.

As a columnist for The Guardian in London, Greenwald disclosed information in June year that Snowden had stolen while working for the NSA about its massive daily collection of telephone and Internet data on millions of Americans.

“You know, he doesn’t like America,” Dershowitz said of Greenwald, 46, who was born in Queens, N.Y. “He doesn’t like Western democracies. He’s never met a terrorist he didn’t like. So he’s a very hard-left ideologue that uses this to serve his political agenda not simply to reveal information in a neutral way,” he added. “That makes him very different from WikiLeaks, I think.”

In response, Greenwald said on Twitter: “Alan Dershowitz excels at discrediting himself.”

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  1. The fact that Snowden prefers living under Putin’s Russia speaks volumes. As does the fact that Snowden contributed to the Presidential campaign of the extremist anti-Semite Ron Paul. The only thing that Dershowitz got wrong in this is that it Snowden may be a hard-right ideologue rather than a hard-left ideologue, but in terms of hating America there not be any difference.


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