Designer Blasted For Selling Nazi T-shirts With Zyklon B Theme

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A designer based in Selby, Yorkshire, has come under fire for selling Nazi products including Zyklon-B themed T-shirts and cups.

The sick products, themed after the gas which killed millions of Jews in the Holocaust, featured on the Internet site Redbubble, a global online marketplace for print-on-demand products, which has its headquarters in Melbourne and offices in Berlin and San Francisco.

Based on the logo for oral hygiene brand, Oral B, the products included T-shirts, cups, phone cases and rucksacks.

Design firm ImperivmCloth marketed the products with the caption: ‘You too can look minty fresh with this beautiful Zyklon-B design’.

Read more at The Daily Mail.



  1. Accept it the way it is…
    Halacha be’yadua she’Eisav sonei l’Yaakov….
    There is no measles epidemic in England, and yet they still hate us.
    The Yiden in England have manners and yet they (the non Jews) still hate us.
    There are no food stamps etc. and yet they still hate us.


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