Dick Morris: This Was A Setup

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The Democratic Party expected a contested 2020 presidential election and “set up” President Donald Trump to try to overturn a “verdict” that should have never been projected by pollsters and declared too soon by the “complicitous” media, according to political analyst Dick Morris on Newsmax TV.

“The whole point of the early polls, the whole point of the paper ballots, the whole point of the delay in the counting was to establish the concept that Biden had won, or at least was too confusing to tell so the verdict could overturned,” Morris told Wednesday’s “The Chris Salcedo Show.

Morris, a former close adviser for former President Bill Clinton, meticulously outlined how the Democratic Party, with an assist from their friends in the mainstream media, “set up” the dominoes to fall one by one against Trump in favor of Joe Biden.

“This is all a setup,” Morris began to host Chris Salcedo. “The Democratic Party planned for this. They knew they were likely to lose this election, so the first thing they did was to fake the polls that talked about how they were going to win.

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  1. Now that they lost again, fake news is making up stories, saying that the Democrats losers “set up” fake polls. Looking for a way out to report the truth, Mr. Morris? Sorry Mr. Morris they “set up” fake polls for all previous presidents too. But this time it didn’t work out and neither did it work in 2016 because they didn’t realize that President Trump is a genius and can overpower them.

  2. They that tell the story best have the best chance to win. The media creates the story and the lemmings follow it into the sea. We have seen the enemy and he is us. No dancing around, no phumfering, no joke, we, the electorate are the disaster and the cause of this egregious scandal. Shameless.

  3. Oh, so now the Democrats who are trying to steal the election as usual, have fake news defending them with some convoluted fabricated baloney: It was only a setup to dispute the election. I think the entire world have woken up to the corrupt Democrats.


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