DiNapoli to Move Back Inauguration Because of Shabbos


dinapoliState comptroller Tom DiNapoli will move back the date of his inauguration to avoid a conflict with Shabbos, a source in his office confirmed.Inauguration Day in New York State is typically January 1, which falls on a Shabbos this year, and many religious Jews would not be able to attend. Members of the Jewish community have been privately pressuring statewide elected officials to find another day for the inauguration.

According to DiNapoli’s office, he will be sworn in in New York City on January 9, although he may need to be formally sworn in on January 1 in order to comply with state law. His office is planning more of a celebratory inauguration ceremony the next week, one that would be paid for, a source stressed, with campaign funds.

The press offices of Governor-elect Andrew Cuomo and Attorney General-elect Eric Schneiderman both said that no decision has been made as to whether or not to reschule their inauguration ceremonies, although it is likely that Schneiderman will need to follow Cuomo’s lead. This move from DiNapoli could pressure both to change the date.

{The NY Observer/Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. Why do frummeh Yidden need to be at these things so badly anyway? Is it yehoreig veal yaavor? How many go anyway? A few politicians and knockers?

    Reminds me of the frum people that complain if a ball game from their team is played on yom tov and they can’t attend it.


    We are in golus, this is not our land, and we shouldn’t delude ourselves that it is otherwise.

    And what about the inyan of what it says in Pirkei Avos, ?? ?????? ?????? And ??? ?????? ?????


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