Dip the Apple in the Honey More Costly This Year

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apple-in-honeyWhile many shoppers were worried about the price of beef and poultry this Rosh Hashanah season, they probably were not thinking about what apples and honey might set them back. This year, say apple growers around the country, was like no other, primarily because of the warm winter which was followed by a sudden April freeze. The result was that in some states, including New York, nearly half of the apple crop got wiped out.

Despite the bad crop, retailers do not expect a shortage but many are passing higher wholesale prices along. If that were not enough, honey prices have been rising, and production is down, according to the National Honey Board.

The price of real honey was up as much as 38% from 2008 to 2009, according to some accounts.


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  1. Bees have been dying over the past few years, and that also affects the pollination of apple trees (as well as other plants). But still, if there’s no shortage, why do they raise the prices? I suppose it is to maintain their income. (shrug)


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