DNA Of Jewish Teen Suspect Found On Stone That Killed Palestinian Woman

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DNA of a Jewish minor was found on a rock believed to have killed a Palestinian woman in October, an Israeli court revealed on Wednesday.

Rishon Lezion Magistrate’s Court revealed the information about the DNA belonging to the main suspect in the murder of Aisha Mohammed Rabi, a Palestinian mother of eight. The court also gave the prosecution one day to file an indictment against the Jewish teenager.

Rabi was driving with her husband Yacoub and their nine-year-old daughter when Israeli settlers began hurling stones at their vehicle as they drove near a checkpoint south of Shchem. Five minors are suspected in the murder of the Palestinian woman. The suspect was first arrested on December 30 but his detention has been extended a number of times.

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  1. Israeli news sites wrote that the DNA tests were inconclusive. Even if they were, it could have been from an innocent visit a week earlier hence no link to the crime.

  2. DNA presence means he was near the stone, not necessarily threw it. Anyone may drop a microscopic sweat-drop when walking on some gravel, and someone else may have thrown the stone. Besides, chances are that the DNA was planted by Sbabak altogether. How come Shabak doesn’t go around collecting DNA’s when stone throwers are the islamonazis?! Why such double standards?! Shabak and Medinat-Judenrat are clearly antisemitic, and as such can not be trusted in police investigations.


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