Do You Own Land In Yerushalayim – And Not Know It?


Overseas Jews unknowingly own hundreds of acres of land in Yerushalayim, city councilman and director of the Israel Land Fund (ILF) Aryeh King claimed.

“In East Yerushalayim, there are several areas where we found hundreds of plots that are registered under Jewish names,” he said. “The Jews who purchased these properties live in England, Canada, the United States, some of them from Australia, and a few of them Israel.

“They all bought the land before the state was established, before 1948…between 1922 to 1938. These properties are in strategic areas – very strategic areas today for the future of Yerushalayim,” he added, warning that Arabs are faking documents of these properties and getting building permits on land that is under a Jewish name.

King said he’s planning a trip to America to promote his organization’s bid to locate the owners and urged anyone who heard of the purchase of such land from relatives to contact ILF.

{ Israel}


  1. No. I’m a Kohen so I never received a portion in Eretz Yisroel. The rest of Kllal Yisroel is supposed to support me but lyda lyda they are not following that halacha. So basically I got no land and no support. No job in the Bais Hamikdash. A total lack of derech eretz for us Kohanim. Nobody seems to care about the Mitzvah Dioraisa of Vikedashto. They’re makpid on minhagim like gibrokst and chalav yisroel but ignore a Dioraisa of Vikedashto. Moshiach has got to come already.


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